Sam Lord’s Castle Barbados: Visiting Guide 2023



The ruins of Sam Lord's Castle in Barbados. The garden is overgrown and there is no roof on the structure.

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Located on the cliffs in the southern part of the island, you can find the fascinating Sam Lord’s Castle in St. Philip Barbados. Sam Lord’s Castle Barbados is a must-see attraction on the island for history buffs and beach-lovers alike!

Who was Sam Lord?

Sam Lord was a well known known Buccaneer from Barbados who lived in the late 1700s – mid 1800s. He is most famous for the bizarre way in which he plundered ships.

According to legends, Sam Lord would hang lanterns around his property to trick ships into thinking they were approaching Bridgetown. They would crash on the reef and he would then steal any valuables they had on board.

Sam Lords castle ruins barbados
visiting sam lords castle in barbados

About Sam Lord’s Castle History

Sam Lord’s castle was built in 1820. The beachfront mansion was his home and the place where he stored the riches he allegedly plundered.

Years later, the estate was turned into a hotel. Guests remember antique furniture and stunning architecture throughout the historic property. Unfortunately, the hotel burned down in 2010 and Sam Lord’s castle has mostly fallen to ruin. That said, but you can still get a clear picture of how impressive this home must have been.

The Wyndam hotel group now owns the property and has been building a new resort called Sam Lord’s Castle that is set to open in 2021. While the resort will include extensive new buildings, the plan is to maintain the cultural significance of Sam Lord’s castle in the design.

When you visit Sam Lord’s castle, you’ll be able to see the remains of the castle-turned-hotel, the overgrown grounds, and a lookout point out on the cliffs.

sam lords castle beach barbados
sam lords castle hotel

How To Get To Sam Lord’s Castle Barbados

Getting to Sam Lord’s castle can be an adventure. Right now, the property is under construction but visitors still have access to the grounds and lookout point.

To get there, put in “Sam Lord’s Castle Lookout” into Google maps. Just typing in Sam Lord’s Castle will take you to a point in the town nearby. If you’re having trouble finding it, you can also go to a restaurant called “Dis Ole House Kitchen and Beer Garden.” This restaurant is located right in front of the entrance to the construction site and visitor access.

Drive down the driveway until you get to a security tower. Security for the hotel development will direct you down a gravel side road that leads to the beach and lookout point. The road is winding, but soon you’ll see the castle remains and a small grassy parking area.

sam lord's castle Barbados grounds
sam lord's castle lookout

What to see at Sam Lord’s Castle

Right now, you can still see the remains of the original Sam Lord’s castle. It’s very clear that this property must have been magnificent in its heyday. Even with much of the exterior lost to time and fire, the castle has a powerful and somewhat spooky presence.

It’s also evident that the grounds were once a star feature of the castle and later hotel. There are trails that lead to stone arches and sitting areas, lush sections that may have been gardens left to grow freely, and concrete basins that once held little ponds.

If you follow the path toward the sea, you’ll find the Sam Lord’s Castle Lookout point. This is a clifftop viewing area where you can see straight down the coast. From this vantage point, you can see the castle, the beaches below, and you might even see some wildlife. We were able to see turtles swimming around below the cliffs.

Is Sam Lord’s Castle Worth Visiting?

If you’re interested in history, pirates, and amazing sea views, Sam Lord’s castle is absolutely worth a visit. Remember to bring a camera because this is one of the most unique things to see in Barbados.

Things To Do Near Sam Lord’s Castle

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the front of Sam Lord's Castle in Barbados