Shark Hole Barbados: Beach Visiting Guide



Blue water and waves at Shark Hole Barbados, a swimming hole surrounded by low cliffs on the south coast of Barbados

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Shark Hole, Barbados is a tiny beach and bay that’s tucked away on the south coast in the St. Philip Parish. This small, secluded beach is popular with locals, families, and visitors who aren’t afraid of getting a little lost.

What is Shark Hole Barbados?

Shark Hole beach is a swimming spot on the southern coast of Barbados. Normally, this rugged, cliff-lined coast is too rough for swimming, but the unique layout of Shark Hole makes this a great place to take a refreshing dip.

At Shark Hole, there is a break in the cliffs so water can reach this tiny c-shaped sandy patch. There’s also a rocky reef barrier at the edge of the bay so that the chop from the sea doesn’t get too rough.

These rocky formations combine to make a bowl-shaped swimming hole with clear water and sea views.

That being said, this is definitely a spot for more confident swimmers because you can feel the strong push and pull of the waves, even with the wall of protection.

Shark hole beach barbados at sunset

Directions to Shark Hole Barbados

Getting to Shark Hole Beach is an adventure! If you’re coming from Bridgetown or the West Coast, take the H5 until you get to St. Philip.

Turn right at the road to Long Bay and follow it all the way down to the coast. You’ll see a large rocky parking area where you can park and you’ll walk the rest of the way to Shark Hole.

Google Maps can take you to Shark Hole Beach accurately. For parking, you can either park on the street next to the beach access point or you can park at the rocky parking lot directly overlooking the cliffs, just a 2 minute walk away.

If you’ve parked at the rocky parking lot, walk back down the street the way you came for one block. Take the first left down the residential street. Keep an eye out on your left for a sandy passthrough between the houses. This will take you to the stairs that lead to Shark Hole.

Shark Hole Barbados Map

Tips For Visiting Shark Hole

Shark Hole Beach doesn’t have a large sandy area, so don’t worry about bringing tons of beach chairs, umbrellas, or blankets. This beach is best for swimming and watching kids do fun flips off the rocks into the water.

You can also watch the sunset from the rocky cliffs above Shark Hole, which are accessible via the parking lot (see the map above).

There are no amenities at Shark Hole so make sure to bring everything you’ll need. Water, a towel, sunscreen, and snacks are good to have on hand.

You’ll also need to go down a flight of stairs to get to this beach.

This quiet cove is popular with the after-school crowd and on weekends. At sunset, sitting up on the rocks and watching the sky change colors while the waves churn below is always a highlight.

Also, in case you were worried, there aren’t any sharks in Shark Hole.

The reef at shark hole beach barbados

Other Attractions Near Shark Hole

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