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Animal Flower Cave in Barbados

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Animal Flower Cave is located in the northernmost part of Barbados and is a must-see attraction on any Barbados bucket list. With dramatic lookout points, a delicious restaurant, and cavernous hidden swimming holes with impressive views, you can’t miss Animal Flower Cave Barbados.

History of Animal Flower Cave Barbados

The Animal Flower Cave formed over 400,000 years ago out of coral. The cave was discovered in 1750 and a set of steep coral steps were built leading into the cave in 1912.

Animal Flower Cave gets its name because the cave is home to colorful sea anemones, locally known as animal flowers. On your tour, you might get lucky enough to see one of these creatures in person!

For many years, Animal Flower Cave has been one of the top things to see in Barbados.

Where is Animal Flower Cave?

The Animal Flower Cave and Restaurant are located in the St. Lucy Parish of Barbados. The visitor area is on a small peninsula between Animal Flower Bay and Horseshoe Bay on the northern part of the island. In fact, while visiting Animal Flower Cave, you can actually see the northernmost point of Barbados!

Animal Flower Cave Barbados Map

How To Get To Animal Flower Cave by Car

Getting to Animal Flower Cave is easiest by car. Because of its more remote location, renting a car or hiring a private driver are the fastest and most convenient ways to see this Barbados attraction.

Take Highway 2A heading north. When you get to Mile and A Quarter, turn left onto Charles Duncan Oneal Highway. Turn right onto Highway 1B then left onto Highway 1C. Highway 1C takes you directly to Animal Flower Cave Road.

How To Get To Animal Flower Cave By Bus

Even though it’s easier to arrive by car, it is possible to get close to the Animal Flower Cave by bus and walk the rest of the way. Bus 1C runs from Bridgetown (Princess Alice Terminal) to Connelltown (near Animal Flower Cave) with stops in Holetown and Speightstown.

Get off at the bus stop near the intersection of Highway 1C and Animal Flower Cave Road. Then, you’ll walk about 15 minutes down Animal Flower Cave Road until you see the parking lot, cave entrance, and restaurant.

You can see the entire bus route and check time tables here. Buses in Barbados cost $3.50 BBD per ride.

About Animal Flower Cave Barbados Facilities

The Animal Flower Cave has several amenities to explore when you visit. Out front, there is a large gravel lot with ample parking.

In the center of the grounds, you’ll see the entrance to the Animal Flower Cave. There are several small stands where craftspeople sell their artwork and jewelry, as well as stands where you can snacks and beverages. You’ll also see several large sculptures and benches where you can sit to take in the sea views.

To the left is the Animal Flower Cave Restaurant, guest restrooms, and a children’s playground. There is also a lookout area over North Point and Horseshoe Bay.

To the right is a lookout point over Animal Flower Bay as well as the start of a trailhead that hugs the cliffs. There are benches and picnic tables along the walking path and you can follow the path quite far along the coast, taking in the scenery along the way.

sculpture at the northernmost point on Barbados, just after the entrance to animal flower cave
view of animal flower bay, next to animal flower cave barbados

What to expect on the Animal Flower Cave Tour

When you arrive at the Animal Flower Cave attraction, you’ll see a large sign marking the entrance to the cave. For safety reasons, the only way to go into the cave is with a tour guide.

If you’re visiting on a day when the restaurant and bar is open, you can head to the bar to purchase tickets. You do not need to book tickets in advance.

If you’re visiting on a day when the bar is not open, you can purchase tickets from the vendor at the snack stall directly across from the entrance sign.

Once you have your tickets, you’ll meet with your local guide who will lead you down into the cave. The guide will tell you some history about the cave and you’ll descent a steep set of stairs into the ground.

View inside animal flower cave looking out to sea
The second chamber of Animal Flower Cave Barbados where visitors can go for a swim

Once in the cave, your guide will explain more about the geography of the cave and show you some of the main viewpoints. In the first cavern, you can see the famous diamond-shaped lookout spot. In one of the many natural rock pools, keep an eye out for the species of anemone that gives the cave its name.

These colorful Animal Flower anemones are often seen around the cave, but after periods of heavy rainfall, you might not see them because they can get washed out.

Next, your guide will take you to the second chamber, a swimming hole with perfectly clear, still water. Here, you can walk along smooth rocks and go for a dip in the natural pools of water. If you’d rather not swim, there is plenty of space to sit on the rocks and enjoy the view.

Expect to spend about 45-minutes to an hour exploring the cave, but keep in mind that the tours might be shorter on especially busy days to accommodate more people.

The most famous view from Animal Flower Cave looking out to sea through coral rock formations
Impressive view from Animal Flower Cave, One of the best caves in Barbados

How much does visiting the Animal Flower Cave Barbados cost?

If you are local to Barbados, touring the animal flower cave costs $15 BBD for adults and $5 BBD for children. If you are not local, the tour costs $20 BBD for adults and $10 BBD for children.

If you’re visiting on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you can pay for your cave tour at the restaurant bar. They have a card machine and accept both cash and card payments. If you’re visiting during the week, you can purchase tickets from one of the vendor stalls. Sometimes, these stalls only take cash so it’s best to come prepared.

There are no ATMs at the Animal Flower Cave facility.

Animal Flower Cave Barbados Opening Hours

The Animal Flower Cave Barbados is open every day from 11:00am to 3:30pm.

The Animal Flower Cave Restaurant Barbados

The Animal Flower Cave Restaurant is located just behind the entrance of the cave and has a spectacular view of the northern cliffs. It is a fully open-air cliffside restaurant with sea-view seating and a delicious food and drink menu.

The Animal Flower Cave Restaurant is dog-friendly and kid-friendly.

Since the restaurant can get crowded, it’s a good idea to make a reservation in advance. You can check out the Animal Flower Cave Restaurant Menu and book your table on their website, found here. The breadfruit tacos are a restaurant specialty!

Currently, the Animal Flower Cave Restaurant is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11:30 am onward. Before making the drive, you can contact them to verify opening hours here.

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The Animal Flower Cave Resaturant
Breadfruit tacos are one of the most popular items on the Animal Flower Cave Restaurant menu

What should I bring to Animal Flower Cave?

When visiting Animal Flower Cave, make sure to bring the following items to make your trip more comfortable.

  • Camera or Phone to take pictures
  • Bathing Suit
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Cash if visiting on a day the restaurant is closed

Is Animal Flower Cave Worth it?

The Animal Flower Cave in Barbados is definitely worth a visit! The interesting geography and spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean from the northern tip of Barbados make this one of the most memorable things to do on the island.

Things to do near Animal Flower Cave

After visiting Animal Flower Cave, make sure to check out these nearby attractions and activities!

  • St. Nicholas Abbey: One of the best things to do near the Animal Flower Cave, St Nicholas Abbey is a historical site and rum distillery you don’t want to miss. Read more about St. Nicholas Abbey here.
  • Barbados Wildlife Reserve: Take a walk among the wildlife at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. You can see a wide variety of tropical animals and even monkeys in their natural habitat! More information about visiting the Barbados Wildlife Reserve here!
Things to do in Barbados Animal Flower Cave