5 Reasons Barbados is the Best Caribbean Surfing Destination



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If you search for the best Caribbean surfing spots, you’ll see Barbados mentioned time and time again. With stunning beaches and an endless supply of sunshine, it’s no wonder Barbados is a popular choice for vacationers, travelers, and families. Even though the island is small, it’s made quite a name for itself in the surfing community. In this post, we’ll take a look at what makes Barbados one of the all-around best Caribbean surfing destinations.

Barbados is the Most Consistent Caribbean Surfing Destination

Because of its geographic location, Barbados is blessed with some of the most consistent surf in the Caribbean. Prime surf season falls during the winter months around November to March, but it’s possible to catch waves year-round.

Sure, there might occasionally be flat days, but you’re still much more likely to find surf in Barbados than you would in neighboring Caribbean islands.

Waves break on the north, south, east, and west coast, and because the island is so compact, you can quickly travel to the heart of the action regardless of where you’re staying. The south coast and east coast generally have the most consistent swells, so consider staying in these areas if you plan to surf often.

On top of that, the water is toasty warm 365 days a year. No wet suits required in Barbados!

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Surfing on the East Coast of Barbados

Barbados has the Best Surfing in the Caribbean for Beginners

If you’re a beginner surfer, please surf Freights Bay in Barbados. This mellow crescent of paradise has some of the best surfing in the Caribbean for beginners, and possibly the world.

Freights Bay is a long, gentle wave over a rocky, sandy reef with crystal clear water, beautiful scenery, and plenty of friendly sea turtles. It’s easy to get into the water and the paddle out is suitable for those still building their padding muscles. If you do fall off, there’s not much to worry about below the surface (no fire coral here!).

This relaxed bay is the place where the dabblers have lightbulb moments, the nervous overcome their fears, and the emerging shredders finesse their technique.

Freights Bay is the best surfing spot in the Caribbean for beginners because there’s tons of space to spread out and the wave isn’t particularly powerful. It’s family-friendly, easy to access, and a ton of fun.

If you take a surfing lesson in Barbados, which you totally should, it will likely be in Freights Bay. And I bet you’ll want to go back again and again.

Surfing Lessons in Freights, Bay Barbados, one of the best Caribbean surfing spots for beginners
Surfing Lessons in Freights Bay Barbados

Barbados also has Soup Bowl

If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced than the mellow waves in Freights Bay, don’t worry. Head across the island and in about 30 minutes, you’ll be face to face with one of the most iconic waves in the world: Soup Bowl.

Popular among professional surfers and local stars alike, the Soup Bowl surf break in Barbados is a force to be reckoned with. Kelly Slater once said Soup Bowl should be on the Tour, which is some pretty high praise.

While Soup Bowl certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted, this powerhouse wave will give experienced surfers a pretty glorious dose of adrenalin. But proceed with caution. Urchins, currents, and washing-machine waves make this spot suitable for advanced surfers only.

The Island has Several Amazing Surf Schools

Need to rent a surfboard? No problem! Want to take surfing lessons? Barbados has you covered!

In Barbados, dozens of surf schools offer lessons nearly every day. Taking a surfing lesson with a reputable surf school is a great way to learn a new sport, meet friends, and have a truly memorable experience.

Barbados Surf School Recommendations

  • Bodie’s School of Surf Barbados: Bodie has over 1,000 excellent reviews on trip advisor and is known for helping beginners catch waves in record time.
  • Barry’s School of Surf: Barry offers surf packages and board rentals for all levels. When he’s not surfing, you can find him at Epic Surf Cafe in Oistins.

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You can Learn Multiple Surf Disciplines in Barbados

Looking for even more adventure? Barbados is one of the best places in the world to learn windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddleboarding, and foil wing surfing. These surf disciplines have an enthusiastic following on the island and you’ll have no trouble finding an experienced instructor.

If you’re interested in learning windsurfing, kite surfing, and foil wing surfing, the best conditions are near Oistins or Silver Sands on the South Coast. If you’re interested in paddleboarding, stick to Pebbles Beach near Bridgetown or the west coast beaches since these are usually calmer. You can also check out Miami Beach on the south coast for some small SUP-friendly waves.

Is Barbados the Best Caribbean Surfing Destination?

Absolutely! If you’re planning a Caribbean surf trip, Barbados is the place to be. With plenty of surf breaks, waves for beginners and advanced surfers, and top-notch surf schools to choose from, you’ll be surfing in the Caribbean in no time!

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