5 Best Barbados Surf Schools: Perfect For Beginners



A surf instructor explaining surf technique to two students on a grassy lookout point with the ocean in the background. There are surf boards in the shade of the palm tree at one of the best Barbados surf schools.

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If you plan to learn to surf in Barbados, you’re in luck! There are plenty of incredible Barbados surf schools where beginners can catch their first waves and experienced surfers can hone their skills. Let’s take a look at some of the best surf lessons Barbados has to offer!

Why Take Barbados Surf Lessons?

Without a doubt, Barbados is one of the best places to take surf lessons in the Caribbean, and maybe even the world!

When you take a surf lesson in Barbados, you’ll be immersed in one of the best parts of the island – the sea! Barbados is known for having brilliant blue water and a large friendly sea turtle population, so taking a surf lesson is a great way to get closer to nature.

Because of its Caribbean location, Barbados is always warm with sunshine nearly every day of the year. Balmy water temperature means you can surf in just a bathing suit – no wetsuits needed! Just remember to wear sunscreen and a rash guard (a long sleeve shirt to protect you from the sun) while out on the water.

Even though the Caribbean islands typically aren’t known for surfing, Barbados stands out because it has several spots with ideal conditions for new surfers.

Freights Bay on the south of the island offers a long, gentle wave that’s perfect for beginners. The water is waist high and the bottom is sandy rock, making this a much safer place to learn than some of the more advanced Barbados surf spots.

Surfers Point is also on the south coast and provides a sheltered area for beginners to learn the basics. On days with a smaller swell, Brandon’s Surf Break at Drill Hall Beach near Bridgetown is another great place to try beginner surfing lessons.

While it may be tempting to grab a board and go out on your own, it’s a smart idea to take lessons with a professional instructor when surfing someplace new. You’ll learn where the best surf spots are for your level and get advice about any safety issues that might not be visible from the shore. The instructors for the surf schools listed below know every corner of the island and can provide you with valuable insights.

With sunny days, clear water, and gentle conditions that will encourage even the timidest new surfer, Barbados is the perfect place to learn this exciting new skill.

Bodie loads surfboards onto a white van while preparing for a surfing session, Bodie's school of surf is one of the best Barbados Surf Schools
Preparing For A Surfing Lesson With Bodie’s Surf School Barbados

What To Look For In A Barbados Surf School

In addition to having ideal conditions for new surfers, Barbados also has some incredible instructors to choose from! When choosing a Barbados surf school, one of the most important things to consider is the instructor’s credentials and experience. They’re the ones that will be keeping you safe, after all.

Before booking any kind of adventure activity, it’s a great idea to read previous student reviews on TripAdvisor. The Barbados surf schools listed below have excellent reviews and instructors who are loved and respected around the island.

5 Best Barbados Surf Schools

Surf SchoolLearn More
Bodie’s School of SurfTake Lessons With Bodie
Barry’s Surf SchoolTake Lessons With Barry
Boosy’s Barbados Surf SchoolSurfing Lessons With Boosy
Zed’s Surfing AdventuresZed’s Surfing Lessons
Burkie Surf SchoolBook Lessons With Burkie Surf

Bodie’s School of Surf Barbados

Bodie’s School of Surf is based in Oistins on the South Coast. All surfing lessons are taught by Bodie, a Barbados local and expert surf instructor who has been in love with the sport for over 30 years. Bodie is a friendly and encouraging teacher for surfers of all levels. He also offers kids surfing lessons and surfing parties.

All surfing lessons with Bodie’s Surf School are 2 hours long. Transportation is included from locations in the Oistins area and you can also meet Bodie at a central location to catch a ride to the waves. Lessons include access to a surfboard that’s suitable for your size and ability level, a rash guard for sun protection, and access to a safe to lock up valuables during your lesson.

If it’s your first lesson, Bodie will do a comprehensive land session so you know what to expect in the water. During the lesson, Bodie will give feedback and advice on your technique, as well as lots of high fives!

After your lesson, Bodie is a great person to ask for food and activity recommendations around the island.

In addition to offering private and group surfing lessons, Bodie’s School of Surf can also help you arrange kitesurfing lessons, windsurfing lessons, stand-up paddleboarding lessons, and foil wing surfing lessons with top-tier instructors on the island.

Barry’s Surf School Barbados

Barry’s Surf School has been open since 2005. Lessons are taught by Barry or one of his qualified team members and the surf school is based out of Oistins. Barry’s Surf School offers beginner surfing lessons, intermediate surfing lessons, and the Surf Stronger Package.

Beginner and intermediate lessons are two hours long and include a full-day board rental so you can practice even more if you like. Transportation to and from the surf spot is also included.

The Surf Stronger Package includes three 2-hour surf lessons (on three separate days) as well as a surfboard rental for one week. This is a great option for surfers who want to jumpstart their skills and practice each day.

When he’s not out surfing, there’s a good chance you’ll find Barry at his surf cafe, Epic. It’s located in Oistins and has delicious coffee and smoothie bowls!

Boosy’s Surf Lessons Barbados

Christian Boosy has been teaching surfing lessons in Barbados for 10 years and is passionate about introducing others to the sport. At Boosy’s Surf School, groups are kept small so each student can get individualized attention.

Boosy can often be seen teaching lessons in Freights Bay or at Drill Hall Beach and his surf school is mobile, meaning you’ll go where the best waves are.

Boosy offers group lessons and a lesson package so you can surf as much as your heart desires. The package includes three lessons and board rental for one week.

Zed’s Surfing Adventures

Zed’s Surf School is one of the oldest surf schools in Barbados and was even named one of the best surf schools in the world in 2012 by National Geographic. Group lessons and private lessons are available and last approximately 2 hours.

Zed’s Surf School has a physical location at Surfers Point on the South Coast. There’s a cafe, surf shop, and places where visitors can watch lessons from the shore. There are also restrooms and showers available. If you need somewhere to stay during your surf holiday, Zed has apartments and studios available for rent.

Zed offers group lessons, private lessons, and a three-lesson package. The package includes 3 surf lessons (2 hours each) and a week of surfboard rental.

  • Located at Surfers Point, South Coast
  • Zed’s Surf School has a cafe and surf shop on site
  • Cost: Lessons are $80 USD per person and the package is $240 USD (Special summer rates available!)
  • Book Barbados surfing lessons with Zed’s

Burkie Surf School Barbados

Burkie Surf School is based on the south coast and run by Alan Burke. Alan is a professional surfer and surfing coach with experience catching waves around the world.

Burkie Surf School offers lessons in the Freights Bay and Atlantic Shores area with great attention to safety. Students can choose between a 2-hour lesson or a 6-hour lesson package.

Final Thoughts: Best Surf Schools Barbados

Surfing is an amazing activity to try on your Barbados vacation. Under the guidance of an expert surf school like the ones listed above, you’ll be on your way to a fun, safe, and memorable Barbados surfing experience.

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