8 Awesome Barbados Surf Spots



The beach at Bathsheba near Soup Bowl, one of the best Barbados surf spots. There's a white surf board laying in the grass under palm trees.

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If you want to experience surfing in the Caribbean, Barbados is the place to be. With clear water, beautiful scenery, and frequent visits from the friendly sea turtles, these Barbados surf spots offer awesome conditions for beginners and advanced surfers alike.

Barbados Surf Spots Map

This Barbados surf spots map will give you an idea of where each break is located. While there are occasionally waves on the west coast, most of these Barbados surf breaks are on the south and east coasts of the island.

Best Time To Surf In Barbados

Most people agree that the best time to surf in Barbados is from November to March, with the biggest swells hitting around January and February. These “winter” months are when the waves get bigger and more advanced surfers head to the island.

That being said, Barbados has surf all year round and it’s possible to have a great time even outside of peak surf season. While you might not have as many iconic, competition-worthy waves, there are still plenty of solid surf spots for beginners and advanced surfers throughout the year.

Best Surf Spots Barbados

The surf conditions in Barbados vary depending on where you are. In general, the south coast is great for beginners and the east coast has bigger waves for more advanced surfers. Waves on the west coast are rare, but when there’s a good north swell, the whole coast lights up.

If you’re new to surfing or haven’t hit the waves in a while, it’s always a good idea to take some lessons with a professional instructor first. Surfing, while fun, can be dangerous if you go to a break that’s too advanced for your level.

An instructor can teach you good techniques and guide you to surf breaks that are safe and appropriate for your skillset. You can check out Barbados surf schools and instructors here.

Freights Bay Barbados

  • Level: Beginner – Intermediate
  • Left-hand reef break
  • Oistins, South Coast

If you’re new to surfing, head to Freights Bay. Freights Bay, Barbados arguably offers some of the best surfing in the Caribbean for beginners.

This gentle surf spot is located in Oistins near Enterprise/Miami Beach and is an awesome place to take a surf lesson.

Usually, the waves at Freights Bay are small and mellow. It’s common to see SUP surfers, longboarders, and groups of beginners out for lessons. Because the bay is large, it rarely gets overcrowded.

The water is clear and the bottom is a mixture of rock and sand. It’s not uncommon for sea turtles to come and say hello! Definitely the best beginner surf spot in Barbados!

Freights Bay is one of the best Barbados surf spots for beginners. Image shows the Freights Bay Surf Access point
Freights Bay Barbados Surf Access

South Point Barbados

  • Level: Intermediate – Advanced
  • Left-hand reef break
  • Oistins/Atlantic Shores, South Coast

Situated just a short distance from Freights Bay is a more challenging surf break called South Point. It can be tricky to get out over the reef, but once you do, intermediate and advanced surfers love the more powerful waves.

This is one of the most popular south coast surf spots Barbados has to offer.

Surfers Point Barbados

  • Level: Beginner – Advanced
  • Left-hand reef/point break
  • Oistins/Atlantic Shores, South Coast

Surfers Point is another surf break on the south coast that’s great for beginners and advanced surfers alike. On calmer days, Surfers Point is perfect for introductory surfing lessons. On bigger days, you can watch experienced surfers shredding waves from the grassy viewing area.

There’s also a surf shop and cafe near the break. The South Point Surf Shop has boards for rent, restrooms, and areas to relax in the shade.

Soup Bowl Barbados

  • Level: Advanced
  • Right-hand reef break
  • Bathsheba, East Coast

Soup Bowl is one of the most famous surf spots in Barbados. It’s located on the east coast of the island in Bathsheba and offers big waves combined with epic scenery.

Soup Bowl is an advanced surf spot and the reef (with urchins!) can make it tricky to get out, so this break is best for experienced surfers who can handle rougher conditions. Soup Bowl is known for being big, powerful, and consistent–you need to know what you’re doing before attempting to surf here.

A surfer riding a wave at Soup Bowl Barbados surf break during a surfing competition
Surfing Competition at Soup Bowl Barbados Surf Break

Parlour Surf Break

  • Level: Intermediate – Advanced
  • Right and Left shifting reef break
  • Bathsheba, East Coast

Just a few meters down the coast from Soup Bowl is another impressive Barbados surf spot called Parlour. Parlour is ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers and is usually bigger but less powerful than Soup Bowl. Strong Atlantic Ocean currents mean lots of paddling and moving water.

Tropicana Barbados

  • Level: Advanced
  • Left-hand reef break
  • West Coast

Tropicana is a fast, powerful, left-hand reef break on the West Coast of Barbados. This wave is quick and unforgiving over shallow, live reef and is really only suited for very advanced surfers.

Batts Rock Barbados

  • Level: Intermediate – Advanced
  • A-frame reef break
  • Bridgetown, West Coast

Travel just north of Bridgetown toward La Cabane and you’ll find Batts Rock surf break. Batts Rock is a popular west coast Barbados surf spot and it’s better suited for intermediate and advanced surfers.

Batts Rock is known for having vibrant clear water and cool views of villas. This shorter wave can get powerful when the west coast works. The beach area has parking, a restaurant, and playground facilities.

Batts Rock Surf Break on the West Coast of Barbados

Brandons Barbados

  • Level: Beginner – Advanced
  • Left-hand reef break
  • Drill Hall Beach, Bridgetown, South Coast

The Brandons surf break is located just off the shore at Drill Hall Beach on the south side of Bridgetown. This surf spot is one of the best on the island because it works for all levels. On calm days it’s common to see groups of beginners out for lessons and on big days it’s a fast, fun left-hand ride.

Drill Hall Beach has ample parking, shaded areas, and picnic tables. It’s also an awesome spot to watch the sunset if you surf later in the day.

Final Thoughts: Surf Spots In Barbados

If you hope to surf in the Caribbean, Barbados is a must! With a variety of surf spots for all levels spanning the west, south, and east coast, it’s no wonder surfers never want to leave.

Two images of the best surf spots in Barbados