Is Boatyard Barbados Worth It? My Boatyard Barbados Review



Boatyard Beach Club restaurant, palm trees, and picnic tables

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Spending the day at the Boatyard Beach Club is a must-see Barbados attraction for beach lovers and families alike. Here, you can relax on a pristine stretch of beach, take a snorkel tour, grab a drink at the beach bar and restaurant, or play on jumbo beach toys in the crystal clear water. Boatyard Beach Club Barbados has something for everyone!

The photo was taken from under the pier at Boatyard Beach Club and you can see a white-sand beach and clear water with beach chairs in the background
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What is Boatyard Barbados?

Boatyard Barbados is a beach club. Guests can pay an admission fee and get access to all facilities and amenities for the day.

Here’s what Boatyard has to offer:

  • Beach bar with parties at night
  • Restaurant and dining facilities
  • Beach chairs and umbrellas
  • Pier with rope swing over the water
  • Inflatable beach toys like water trampolines
  • Volleyball courts
  • Restrooms, lockers, and showers
  • WiFi throughout the facility
  • A complimentary boat tour and snorkel trip (ask about the schedule at check in)

Additionally, Boatyard offers guests a bar/restaurant credit with their ticket. While this amount can vary based on the special they’re offering, but you can expect to receive either a complimentary drink or restaurant/bar voucher with your entrance fee.

Whether you want to relax on a beautiful beach or spend the day doing something a bit more adventurous, Boatyard is a great place to start.

view of boatyard beach club Barbados from the water

Where is the Boatyard Beach Club Barbados?

Boatyard Beach Club is located on Bay Street in Bridgetown just a short drive from the city center and the Bridgetown cruise terminal. The club is located on Brownes Beach on the famous Carlisle Bay.

How To Get To Boatyard Beach Barbados

You can get to Boatyard by taxi, bus, or ZR van. Taxi drivers will generally know this destination by name. Taxis in Barbados are unmetered so you’ll need to negotiate the price in advance.

If you’d prefer to take the bus, buses 12A, 33, and 12D will get you close. You can see exact routes and plan your journey using the Moovit App.

The ZR 11 buses will also get you very close to Boatyard. Get off the bus or ZR at St. Patricks Roman Catholic Church Bus Stop on Bay Street and it will be about a 3-5 minute walk.

Things to do at the Boatyard Barbados

Boatyard Barbados has tons of activities for the whole family. You can relax on the beach, swim in beautiful Carlisle Bay, or play on inflatable water floats. There’s also a rope swing and a diving platform for jumping into the water.

One of the highlights of Boatyard is their included snorkel tour. On this tour, you’ll take a boat into Carlisle Bay with a group of guests. Everyone will be provided with life vests and snorkel gear for the trip.

You’ll take a boat about 5 minutes down the beach to one of the many famous shipwrecks. You’ll have about 15 minutes to snorkel and see the wildlife.

Then, you’ll travel to a popular place to see sea turtles. While there are no guarantees that you’ll see a turtle, they are very common in this area and likely to make an appearance.

After these two stops, you’ll head back to Boatyard. The whole trip takes about 45 minutes.

The snorkel tour is included in your admission price, but you’ll need to put your name down on the list to reserve your spot. When you arrive, let the staff member who checks you in know that you would like to snorkel and how many are in your party.

view from the boat after the boatyard Barbados snorkel trip

Boatyard Barbados Prices

The Boatyard Barbados prices are very reasonable considering all that’s included. Prices include access to all amenities and a free snorkel trip. Here’s the pricing, accurate at the time this post was published. You can check the Boatyard Barbados Website for the latest prices.

  • Cruise passengers: $30 USD (Includes amenities, one free welcome drink, and transportation back to the cruise terminal)
  • Kids 4-12 years old: $25 USD
  • Cruise ship crew members: $25 USD
  • Long-stay visitors and on-island guests: $30 USD (Includes amenities and a bar/restaurant credit worth $22.50 USD)

(Note that these offers can vary based on the season and sometimes there are different deals for cruise ship passengers).

When in Barbados, the Boatyard is an awesome budget-friendly activity the whole family will enjoy!

water toys at boatyard beach barbados

Boatyard Barbados Menu

After a day in the sun, you’ll probably be ready for something to eat and drink. The Boatyard Barbados drinks menu includes all kinds of cocktails, blended drinks, beers, and wines. You can even try their signature rum punch.

Prices range from $6 BBD ($3 USD) for beer and house rum to $18 BBD ($9 USD) for cocktails.

The Boatyard Barbados food menu includes seafood dishes straight out of the Caribbean Sea, pasta, sandwiches, salads, wraps, and bar snacks like fries and fishcakes. Food prices range from about $20 BBD – $60 BBD ($10 – $30 USD).

the covered restaurant area of Boatyard Barbados

Boatyard Barbados Cruise Excursion

The Boatyard is a popular cruise excursion while in Barbados. Many passengers report that it’s their favorite part of their entire voyage!

To experience Boatyard, you don’t need to book a separate excursion with the cruise line. When you disembark in Bridgetown, you’ll see a line of taxi cabs near the pier. Ask the taxi driver to take you to Boatyard and they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.

The journey should take five minutes and costs around $5 USD per person. When you’re ready to return to the ship, let the staff at Boatyard know and they will arrange a complimentary shuttle for you.

Occasionally, Boatyard might change the deals and specials they offer for cruise ship passengers. On busy days, it’s best to arrive early and make sure to let them know that you want to do the snorkel trip right when you arrive.

Read more about beaches close to the Bridgetown cruise terminal here.

Boatyard Barbados FAQ

When is Boatyard Barbados open?

Boatyard Barbados is open from 9:00 am – 10:00 pm every day of the week. (Note that due to COVID, the hours are adjusted to 10:00 am – 6:00 pm)

How long can I stay at Boatyard Barbados?

You can stay as long as you like. Once you pay your admission fee you can stay for a few hours or stay all day.

Is the Boatyard snorkeling trip included in the price?

Yes, the snorkeling trip and all snorkel gear are included in the price. When you arrive, let them know that you want to be on the list for the snorkel trip. They will call out your name on the PA system when it’s time for your tour.

Is Boatyard Barbados good for families and children?

Yes! Boatyard Barbados is great for families and children because there are so many activities to do in one area. Kids will love the water trampoline and other beach activities.

Can you pay with a credit card?

Yes, a credit card is accepted for all purchases, including entrance fee and any additional food or drinks purchases you might make.

Do I need to book tickets in advance?

No, you do not need to book tickets to Boatyard Barbados in advance. You can pay on arrival without any issues.

Are there lockers available?

Yes, there are lockers available to rent for a small fee.

boatyard Barbados review: worth the visit!

Is Boatyard Barbados Worth It?

Absolutely! Boatyard Beach Club is an amazing way to spend a day in Barbados. With plenty of amenities for guests, an included snorkel excursion, and food/drink vouchers, Boatyard is a great deal for the money.

Boatyard is great for families, cruise passengers, snorkel enthusiasts, and anyone who loves a relaxing day on a beautiful beach.

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