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In the summer of 2020, Barbados launched a 12-month remote work visa program called the Barbados Welcome Stamp. This special visa makes it possible for remote workers to relocate to a Caribbean paradise. If you’re wondering if working remotely in Barbados is the right choice for you, this Barbados Digital Nomad guide has everything you need to know!

Why Move To Barbados?

With warm weather, amazing beaches, and blazingly fast internet, who wouldn’t want to pack up their laptop and head to paradise?

Barbados is a beautiful country to call home and there is no shortage of things to do. Whether you want to stay in a nightlife hotspot like St. Lawrence Gap or a more relaxing natural escape like Bathsheba, there’s a place for everyone in Barbados.

Barbados is a great choice for remote workers based in North America because it’s in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone. This makes it very compatible for those working in North American time zones.

The island is also well connected with regular flights to international airports around the world.

Barbados Digital Nomad Visa

The Barbados Welcome Stamp program allows people who work online to relocate and work from Barbados for 12 months.

To qualify, you must be employed in a country other than Barbados and be earning all your income from sources outside of Barbados. Applicants should expect to earn more than $50,000 USD over the course of the year and/or have financial means to support themselves.

The application process for the Barbados Welcome Stamp visa is simple and straight forward.

All you need to do is fill out the form here with your information. You’ll be required to provide a passport-sized photo as well as a copy of the biodata page of your passport. Once approved, you’ll be working remotely in no time!

How Is The Internet In Barbados?

Barbados has high-speed fiber internet around the island, making this an awesome spot for remote workers. Free, public WiFi is available at most restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels around the island.

Where To Stay In Barbados For Digital Nomads

Finding a place to stay is one of the most important things you’ll need to do when preparing to move to Barbados as a digital nomad.

Luckily, Barbados has plenty of amazing areas to stay, so you really can’t go wrong! The island is divided into north, south, east, and west, with each area having a distinct vibe.

Having a car is recommended if you’re staying on the north coast or the east coast, but overall the island is very well connected with public transportation. ZR vans and busses run all day and are an affordable way to get where you need to go.

You can also read about top long-term rentals in Barbados in this guide!

Barbados Coworking Spaces

After figuring out where you’ll stay, you might be wondering where you’ll work.

While many people choose to work from home, others prefer a more structured workspace like a coworking space or cafe. In the next section, we’ll take a look at the coworking and cafe landscape in Barbados.

Coworking is a growing industry in Barbados, but the options are somewhat limited at this time. Many digital nomads opt for cafes since the internet on the island is lightning fast.

But if you do want a dedicated coworking space, there are a few options available.

Regus Coworking Space at One Welches

Here you can rent office space, use a coworking space with a hot desk or dedicated desk, use meeting rooms, and you can even rent a virtual office for your business address. One Welches is located in the center of the island, just 10 minutes from Bridgetown.

10 Habitat Coworking Space in Bridgetown

The 10 Habitat Coworking space and entrepreneurship community is located in Bridgetown. This program is different because it includes mentorship and business-building workshops.

A monthly membership that includes community access and coworking from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm costs $150 USD per month. Call in advance since hours might be different due to COVID-19.

Best Digital Nomad Cafes In Barbados

If you’d prefer to get your work done from a cafe, Barbados doesn’t disappoint. Most cafes will have strong internet connections and delicious menu items to enjoy while you work.

The following spots stand out because of their convenient location and overall atmosphere.

ArtSplash Cafe

ArtSplash Cafe is in the Hastings area between Rockley Beach and the Garrison. At this fun cafe, you can admire art inside or sit and work on the large covered patio with sea views. They serve food, coffee, and delicious smoothies but they close by late afternoon most days.

The WiFi is strong but outlets are only available inside so if you’re sitting outside, make sure your computer is charged in advance.

Baby Doll Cafe

With a beachfront location and Instagram-worth design, Baby Doll is an awesome place to spend the day getting things done. You can grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner here while enjoying the waves near Hastings. The pizza is particularly delicious!

The WiFi works well at Baby Doll. Everything is outside but there are umbrellas and a large shaded area where you can use your laptop comfortably. The only downside is that there are no public power outlets to charge so make sure your devices have full power before coming.

The Coffee Bean Cafe

With several locations around the island, the Coffee Bean Cafe is a great option for those wanting good coffee and a peaceful atmosphere while working. Inside you can sit at air conditioned tables with a few outlets around, and they serve coffee, pastries, cakes, and lunch. Most locations have ample parking if you’re driving.

Surfers Cafe, Oistins

Surfers Cafe has an excellent atmosphere and sea views. Stop by for amazing food or drinks in Oistins – the smoothies will definitely make any work tasks you’re doing more enjoyable! Limited outlets available so come fully charged.

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Round House Restaurant, Bathsheba

An iconic restaurant on the cliffs in Bathsheba with views over the Atlantic, Round House is a great spot to get some work done for the day. Right now, they’re only open Friday – Sunday but they have ample covered patio areas with sea breezes. It’s best to charge devices beforehand since not all tables have outlets.

More information about Round House

Final Thoughts: Barbados for Digital Nomads

With the introduction of the new Barbados Welcome Stamp digital nomad visa, the island is becoming a more popular destination for remote workers. If you’re able to work online and want to give life in tropical paradise a go, Barbados might be the perfect spot for you!

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